Student Goes Hungry After Misplacing Reusable Chopsticks

A Waterton University of Technology financial management and budgeting student has endured a rough night after skipping dinner due to a lack of appropriate utensils. 

Cindy Chen was looking forward to her third night in a row demolishing two packets of premium grade organic ramen noodles before heading out “for a couple of drinks” for the night. With an ever-increasing level of panic, and after emptying out all the kitchen drawers, Cindy resigned herself to the fact she would have to survive until daylight without food. 

She had made the critical, and in this case potentially life-threatening, error of misplacing her favourite silver-coated engraved reusable chopsticks. 

Responding to a friend who suggested via Facebook that she could use a fork “just this once”, Cindy retaliated to the sheer stupidity of that idea with absolute disdain for the entire culture and customs of the west. 

“Charlene, this is the exact reason your nation will never be as  mighty and glorious as mine. Frankly you disgust me” she raged in what Charlene put down to a severe case of hangriness.