Arts Major Hates Government So Much He Refuses To Vote

In a stunning display of democracy in action, 21 year old Waterton University of Technology (WUT) performing arts student Fergus Jonathan has started a campaign among his TikTok followers to encourage people to protest the current government by refusing to vote in the next election. 

Displaying what he seems to think is solid logic, Fergus said in his message to his 432 followers that the time has come to “rise up and reject the traditional ideas of majority rules and democracy”. After having his strategy questioned by several of his own followers, including at least one who pointed out that if he didn’t like the government maybe he could vote for someone else, he lost his patience. 

“You ignorant uneducated fools just don’t understand the brilliance of my plan” he seethed. 

“If enough people don’t vote then no one can get enough votes to become the government” he explained in a stunning insight into the state of our education system. 

The Waterton Chronicle understands that if he manages to last the full six months of his course, Fergus intends to start a website and Youtube channel and charge people to listen to his quasi-religious cult-like “motivational” musings on how terrible their lives are, and how giving him money will fix everything.