Man Gets Dirty Look After Not Holding The Door Open Indefinitely

In what’s been described as “yet another example of toxic masculinity” by someone with not much else to worry about, an office worker today found himself at the centre of a social etiquette debate that he was never going to win. 

Colin Venables, a data analyst with Waterton City Council and British immigrant, was heading back to his cubicle after enjoying a hearty lunch consisting of not much more than a lukewarm mince pie, a can of V and a smoke. As he emerged from the lift and made his way through down the corridor, he became all too aware of the group behind him. Acutely aware of the office etiquette in this situation, Colin dutifully held the door open for the entire group without so much as a passing glance from any of them. 

Having assumed his chivalric act would earn him some kind of social credit among his colleagues, Colin was in for a rude shock indeed. 

As the stragglers in the group made their way loudly and slowly through the door, and Colin began to think he might be able to carry on with his day, another group emerged from the lift. As the group stood around in the foyer discussing the positives and negatives of their lunch choices while making it abundantly clear to Colin that they knew he was waiting for them, Colin was faced with a difficult decision. 

He could stand there and wait indefinitely for the group to accept his chivalric gesture. Or he could go back to his cubicle and do his actual job. 

Sadly for Colin, he chose the latter. As the door closed behind him he looked back to see one of the group giving him the “Oh it’s like that is it?” look. The Waterton Chronicle understands that as a result of his actions Colin has been encouraged to revisit the “Equality in the Workplace” eLearning module he completed last month.