Supreme Leader to Inspect Brunswick Silo Shrine, Sample Greener Pastures

There is a joyful frenzy in the air in the socialist utopia of Brunswick, Melbourne this morning as the more equal citizens there learn that the specimen they would have voted for – if it weren’t for rampant white male privilege and a clear lack of education on social and environmental issues – has announced via edict that they all must welcome her to inspect the Silo Shrine erected by her comrades following the events of March 15 in Christchurch. 

Scheduled to attend the Silo Shrine after her morning gallop on Thursday, it is understood Supreme Leader will be transported via one of the “state of the art” Royal New Zealand Air Force’s original condition vintage 1950s RNZAF C130 Hercules to an undisclosed airfield before making her way through Checkpoint Charmaine into the People’s Republic of Brunswick. 

Creator of the shrine and self-appointed Muslim, transgender and equality of outcome advocate Shirley Ewes-Wether (17) said she was looking forward to chewing the cud with Supreme Leader over how best to impose her own views on the herd without having to listen to those less equal than herself.  While she was originally unaware of the events of March 15, it was Supreme Leaders wall to wall media appearances and expert demonstration of blatantly self-interested virtue signalling that had prompted her to create the 75-foot “Beacon Of Tolerance and Love” in the intensely socially aware suburb. 

Brunswick Council’s Head of Inclusivity and Tolerance, Jenny Broodmare-Filly, said she was champing at the bit to welcome Supreme Leader to her socialist paradise. “It will be an honour to have Supreme Leader here to grace the herd with her superior opinions of inclusivity and tolerance of issues that she supports” she said unironically. Broodmare-FIlly went on to explain that “the quiet few” that disagreed with Supreme Leaders views should stay home during the ceremony or risk being sent to the farm. 

An aide for Supreme Leader said the ceremony will be followed later on Thursday by a formal dinner at the Werribee Equestrian Centre, where Supreme Leader will talk about why she is so special and what she will do when she is Secretary-General of the UN.